Welcome to the Website of the Old School of Holistic Therapies

As you browse the pages, you will understand the underlying principles that are the foundations of the hands on treatments practiced at OSHT. Surrounded by nature Ann Marie Carroll- consultant holistic therapist practices from an old school built in the famine times, which lies in the heart of the country and in Four-Mile-House co Roscommon, west of Ireland.

My belief is deeply rooted in the Holistic approach ,considering the person in his/her entirety. A session usually commences with Kinesiology Biofeedback technique, An UNIQUE method I use allowing me to Tap into an individual body, mind , spirit environment etc; sourcing the underlying problems and areas requiring attention. Treatment is then individualised focussing on your needs for healing, health and wellbeing. This all encompassing Holistic approach to assessment makes your experience and treatment at O.S.H.T . life changing and very different to any you’ve had in the past..


My Mission to you….   provide excellence in hands on Holistic Health Care treatments, facilitating you to make real changes and healing in the safe space of O.S.H.T. Thus empowering you to find a renewed sense of wellbeing , vitality, achieve goals and live a more contented life    ….Anna Maria

Before I went for my session with Anna Maria my energy levels were very low and I felt overwhelmed in what I needed to do in my every day life. Finding an imbalance in my Meridian energy system Anna Maria consequently corrected these. The results were amazing and almost instanteous. I felt I had the energy and courage to take control of my life again

Treatments at a Glance

Sports Therapy
Energy balancing
Food therapy
Goal setting
Emotional Therapy

education in self help relaxation techniques, rehabilitation stretches and exercises, health maintenance personal and environment.

Do you suffer from any of the following ?

Old School of Holistic Therapies’ owner and manager, Anna Maria Carroll will work with you to explore the causes of your condition and facilitate your body’s own natural healing power.

back / shoulder / neck pain
Hip / knees / ankle problems
arthritis / sciatica
TMJ (jaw) problems
golfers / tennis elbow

sport related injuries
bad posture
sarcoidosis / vertigo
chronic fatigue
allergic conditions
stress / anxiety / worry
blocked emotions
old traumas
emotional and physical
food intolerances
digestion issues / IBS
weight balance management
energy balancing