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About Old School Holistic Therapies

Choice & Excellence...
Combining age honoured Practices and treatments with modern science, along with a wealth of 20yrs Nursing experience provides choice and excellence in Hands on Holistic Health care for a variety of challenging issues.
Anna Maria uses Bio-feedback technique ,which is a unique method for assessing the individual needs of each client within the holistic approach. Treatment is focused on these requirements ,for healing and rejuvenation.
Understanding and Empathy...
A listening ear , Understanding and the help you need to help yourself, is whats offered at O S H T from Anna Maria.
Immersed in Nature....
A warm welcome awaits you as you arrive at The Old School- surrounded by the beauty of the countryside ,enhanced by the positive energies of Nature.
Living the Life...
The holistic approach is a way of life for AnnaMaria and her family.
Working, helping and observing people on a daily basis gives greater understanding of how we function as human beings mind, body and spirit. 20yrs Nursing in St.James Hospital Dublin and in General Practice in Mountbellew ,Co.Galway,  continues to enhance my work in Practice at the Old School since 2005. 
Studying and teaching is ongoing for me and is an integral part of my life.
"AnnaMaria empowered me to find my Goal and through Kinesiology Touch For Health showed me ways of achieving and maintaining my motivation"  ...John.
Would you like to live a more contented Life ?......Learn more.
"The only thing constant is change ! "   .... and that is what's happening at The Old School.

As I continue my own journey of healing and learning, my practice at The Old School is expanding with a continued growth in the understanding of what makes us as humans "TICK".

Originally from Ballyfoyle Co.Kilkenny ,where I lived until 18yrs old and received the life skills and grounding which has given me the strengths and guidance I needed in life. I finally settled in Co.Roscommon where I work and reside with my family surrounded by the beauty and nature of the countryside.

Good health and vitality depend on an adherence to the laws of nature, which embrace such living principles as physical activity, good posture, fresh air, sunshine, pure water, rest, sleep, good natural food, a happy and relaxed state of mind. As a result of lifestyle irregularities , excess / deficiencies impacting directly on body ,mind and spirit, we may experience low vitality, fatigue, pain, sickness, unhealthy appearance, depression, poor metabolism....evidence we are not living by the laws of nature.
Choice If we listen to our bodies, it provides the stimulus and motivation to change direction and adapt living approaches that generate good health and vitality.

Or we can ignore these signs and continue adapting until we are in survival mode – working off high amounts of adrenaline  ready for fight or flight.!
Getting Help Getting There.
AnnaMaria who lives by the laws of nature( most of the time!) is here to help you find within yourself your true potential , on your road to good health and wellbeing
You have what it takes to change direction.......
The Key to Vitality is balance...
......Keeping all sides of the triangle equal and balanced.
......Know Vitality...  Solutions To Problems .....

Guided by the Laws of nature and my belief in balance , my life and work is deeply rooted in the Holistic approach to living and healing , keeping balance in the whole person - body structure ; physical/ function , mental ; emotional/intelligence , Chemical ; nutrition/environment etc.
Vitality is experienced when balance is achieved on all levels.
Be proactive about your life....
Know vitality....
Know contentment....
The Old School, Carrownalassan
Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon