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Treatments with Anna Maria...

Holistic Assessment
After a welcome and history taking, a session follows with mutual agreement between client and therapist. A session usually commences with Kinesiology muscle testing and Biofeedback technique, tapping into the person Body Mind and spirit. This all encompassing Holistic approach to the assessment of the client allows me to source the underlying cause and area requiring treatment.
In addition a full Physical assessment of posture/movement and muscle strength will be evaluated ,if indicated. An examination of soft tissue and joint movement using a variety of physical assessment tools combined with renowned Kinesiology techniques. The individual may not require structural work. ie. Nutritional,emotional,or energy balancing may be indicated. Treatment is focused on the Needs of the person to allow Auto-regulation and healing to take place. Working in this way provides the client to make real and lasting changes -enjoying life as it is intended.
I often proceed with a combination of treatments at 1 session-a customised plan for each client. Working on different levels allows optimum healing of Mind - Body - Spirit.

I firmly believe in prevention is better than cure!
Everybody leaves OSHT with a Self Help Programme agreed at time of treatment.
A short practical self help tool to take home, when followed will enhance therapies received at OSHT.
Touch For Health Kinesiology
T F T is a synthesis of Eastern Knowledge of the vital energies of the body with Western techniques-the connection of Acupuncture Meridians and testing the muscles of the body. 
Muscle testing is used as a bio-feedback mechanism to determine the state of energy in the body, identifying energy blockages and sourcing the root of the problem. As a Holistic Model T.F.H. recognises that the source of pain can be emotional, mental or spiritual. Many times all 3 are involved. T.F.H. also recognises that stress is at the root cause of many of our aches and pains. Focusing on the whole person with a realisation that help given to balance any of these areas, will affect the whole person. A variety of corrective techniques such as acupressure points .Spinal reflexes, Neurolymphatics; to mention a few, can be used to balance and reach a state of homeostasis. The aim is to help the body achieve this energetic balance so that it functions at it's optimum staying in a state of Wellness .
Neurostructural IntegrationTechnique N.S.T. (www.nsthealth.com)
N.S.T is considered by many to be the world's leading technique in Structural + spinal therapy. for lasting pain removal and rejuvenation. As a result of lifestyle irregularities, excesses and deficiencies, impacting directly on body and mind , many of the health problems experienced can be related to Spinal/structural misalignment, Manifesting in pain ,weakness and poor mobility.

N.S.T employs a series of gentle but specific moves. Skillful soft tissue manipulation is applied to the back, legs,neck,arms ,abdomen and head. In doing so, initiates a process of natural auto-regulation (the body's innate ability to self heal) to occur in the spinal column and consequently a resetting of the whole body to return to it's optimal structural position. In turn setting in motion very powerful corrective energy flows that can be directed into specific areas of the body where there is pain and dysfunction.

As N.S. T creates a context for the natural process of auto regulation to occur, it can be safely applied to an extensive range of conditions, from newborn to the Wise! Relief from symptoms is frequently experienced after the 1st visit. Long term resolution is generally experienced after 2/3rd treatment. Chronic conditions may require on going treatment.

Research shows 80-85%of all structural difficulties are resolved in 2-3 treatments.
Massage Treatments.
Holistic massage -The soothing effect of massage skilfully applied, helps to ease away the aches of every day stresses, restore the mind and revitalise the body.
Deep Tissue Massage- combined with pain relieving techniques aims to release tight painful muscles, facilitating the body to heal and return to optimum function.

Note: Full body massage for ladies only

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage- is a therapeutic treatment applied to the shoulders ,neck and head, using massage and acupressure points to relieve tension and many other valued benefits ie. Insomnia-headaches-sinusitis.

Hot Stone Massage- Heated Basalt stones together with essential oils and traditional massage technique are used to sooth tense and tired muscles.
Experience a deep sense of Relaxation for mind and body.

Sports Therapy
Focusing on the sport person:-
  • Setting GOALS to improve performance
  • Relieving muscular tension
  • Restore function following injury
  • Education in rehabilitation & maintenance stretches /exercises for optimum performance.
  • Correcting the energy systems of the body.
Energy Therapy.
Chakra Energy Balancing
Energy balancing for healing and harmonising body-mind-spirit.
"Universal Life Force Energy" - for everybody.
Meridian Energy Balancing.
Application of T.F.H Kinesiology techniques corrects the flow of energy "Chi" in the body's meridians. Gives a new sense of well-being to go forward in life positively, achieving Goals and leading a more contented lifestyle.
Food For The Soul.
Restore wellness and vitality with the food we take every day.
Identify food intolerances . Aids in identifying the optimum mix of food,water, vitamins , minerals, etc. to restore natural energy levels, reduce toxicity,maintain healthy weight balance. Food for particular muscle function.
Goal Setting
Treatments are sometimes set around the GOALS people wish to achieve.ie. interviews, exams, work, happiness, relationships....
Goal setting is woven into my day and my work. Goal setting is encouraged and explained with clients at time of treatments.
Positive Emotional Therapy
A combination therapy to release old negative thought patterns and past emotional traumas-bringing emotional relief and positivity.
Treatments include
  • Goal setting
  • solution orientated therapy
  • Kinesiology techniques
  • Energy Tapping.E.F.T
E.F.T a psycho-energetic release technique. Has been clinically effective in thousands of cases of emotional trauma-replacing negative thoughts on past experiences with positive verbal statements. The success of E.F.T is in the balancing of the meridian's energies ,that flow through the body, while reinforcing the positive verbal statement. The meridian balance is conducted by a series of gentle tapping on meridian points. E.F.T. is highly effective when applied to all types of Peak Performance eg sports, speaking .sales acting etc.
" I love going to Anna Maria for a treatment. Using Bio-feedback she has a unique way of finding out what treatment you really need to restore healing and wellbeing. 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get '. This is so true when you go to see Anna Maria... Mary.
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Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon