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What Old School Holistic Therapies can do for you

Challenge - How Can We lead a Happy & Contented lifestyle?
The Old School Of Holistic Therapies, Four-Mile-House, Co. Roscommon - Holistic Healing Centre Roscommon, Sports Therapy Roscommon, Emotional Therapy Roscommon,We all live extremely busy lifestyles as we struggle to manage personal commitments family obligations, and work schedules. Meeting all   of thes   e demands presents us with a number of real lifestyle problems, which have the potential to create a variety of health issues including:  
  • Lack of Energy and Vitality
  • Pain & Discomfort
  • Stress & Anxiety
How do we continue to manage all of these issues without compromising our overall physical and emotional well being?
The Solution - The Approach of the Old School of Holistic Therapies
Old School of holistic therapies is a holistic treatment centre founded in 2005 and is owned and managed by Anna Maria Carroll. OSHT works with a variety of clients by offering a unique range of treatments based on renowned holistic therapies. Anna Maria -
  • Uses of the Bio- feedback technique which is a unique method for assessing the individual requirements of each client.
  • Focuses on the entire individual encompassing (mind body and spirit) which ensures optimum well being & vitality.
  • Works with massage and NST (Neurostructural Integrated Technique) a hands on treatment which facilitates the body's natural ability to heal.
  • Practices Emotional Stress Release and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which empowers clients to work towards the realisation of goals and help achieve a sense of personal fulfilment and happiness.
  • Uses kinesiology and energy balancing to boost the meridian energy channels of the body thereby reducing tension, pain & discomfort.

Problem & Solution 

Structure - Physical Pain & Discomfort
masage Do you suffer from Neck, back and spinal pain and discomfort, specific sports related injury, such as Golf Elbow or tendon and ligament injury? Do you have posture problems which result in spinal strain and 'bad back' syndrome? Do you suffer from tennis elbow, shoulder tension, knee joint pain, whiplash, or conditions such as sinusitis, vertigo or dizzy spells? The functions of the human body are all interconnected by an energy system. If this energy system is out of balance it will affect our physical mental emotional & spiritual well being.

Anna Maria at the OSHT will personalise a treatment for you! Using NST- Neurostructural Integration Technique massage and kinesiology, Anna Maria is currently one of 6 therapists in Ireland who specialises in the NST method which helps to restore the body's muscular and nervous systems to its own natural equilibrium thereby relieving pain and discomfort!




Mental - Emotional & Mental Distress
 Are you someone who has experienced a previous traumatic event? - 0 you suffer from low energy and lack vitality? Do you struggle with managing and reducing stress in your life?
Excerpt from www.irishhealth.com January 27th 2010:
 "Recent surveys show that three quarters of Irish people believe that life in Ireland has become more stressful in the last five years. Most people accept stress as a normal part of living and are able to cope with it in various ways. However, for around 300,000 people, workplace stress affects family life and 13% of the population suffer from anxiety. When you are stressed, you find yourself becoming irritable and tired. If stress is not managed effectively by an individual it can lead to other problems including fear, phobias, sadness, anxiety, and depression. In addition it is medically proven that physical manifestations of stress can lead to pain and discomfort in various parts of the body if not dealt with and managed productively".
Anna Maria of aSHT uses a variety of therapies to personalise a treatment for you that will restore harmony and balance in your life. In addition she will customise an easy to follow self help programme empowering you to manage daily stress in your life.
Anna Maria uses a combination of emotional balancing techniques including solution oriented therapy, goal setting, emotional stress release, energy and chakra balancing and emotional freedom technique.

A combination of these energy balancing treatments will restore the mind and body to its natural energetic level assisting individuals who suffer from low energy level, unmanaged stress or who live with the memory of a post traumatic event.
Using these treatments, Anna Maria will help you restore harmony and balance in your jempowering you to live a more relaxed and contented lifestyle.




Chemical- Self Help, Prevention & Education
waterfall Are you a person who would like to be proactive about your health using proven natural therapies and treatments?
Do you believe in the guiding philosophy that prevention is better than cure?

Then a visit to Anna Maria at the aSHT is exactly what you need!
The OSHT offers expertise and guyidance on personal health education and prevention using a common sense approach. Anna Maria will investigate things like;
  • Water advice are you drinking enough water? What type of water are we drinking? . Is your body utilising the food you eat to maximum effect?
  • What is your daily eating pattern? What do you eat? How often? How much?
  • Are you getting enough of the essential minerals vitamins and food groups to ensure optimum health?
  • Are you aware how you can reduce toxicity in your body?
Anna Maria uses biofeedback kinesiology muscle testing to identify food intolerances and to develop the optimum mix of food, vitamin, minerals, water, tissue salts and antioxidants to:
  • Restore the body's natural energy levels
  • Reduce toxicity
  • Maintain healthy weight balance
Through relaxation and proper breathing techniques, meditation and nutritional education, Anna Maria will help you learn about the environment you live in empowering you through her self help programme so that you can take control of your mental physical emotional & spiritual well being!
"Had been on medication for weeks for Vertigo . Two treatments of N.S.T. with Anna Maria and felt 100% better"....Collete.
The Old School, Carrownalassan
Four Mile House, Co. Roscommon